Is it really FREE to recycle my eWaste?
Yes! We do not charge. There are no hidden fees.

We are the only free e -waste recycling collection service in Ghana.

What items do you collect ?

Currently we collect Laptops, Desktops, UPS , UPS batteries and Auto batteries. Our facilities will be expanded soon to accommodate other waste types.

How long does it take for someone to schedule my pick up?
Our representatives will try and contact you the same day you submit a pick up request. At the latest 36 hours.

Your contact details please ?

You can contact us at 0268668696

What is the minimum qty ?

Minimum we need 10 items or 100Kg of products to be able to come and collect.

What do you do with the collected waste?

Most of the items we collect is not reusable so we try and sort it our based on the materials then crush it and melt it to recycle .

Few percentage out of the materiels collected will be sent to the dumping sites. We send less than 5% which is better than usual 90 % that is dumped or Burnt or thrown to the sea.