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Authorized distributor for Gree AC in Ghana wholesale and retail :  0204391011 / 0237300000 

Gree Air conditioners are award winning AC makers. Gree is also one of the largest Air conditioners producers in the world. If you are looking for an AC that can last a life time then Gree is the best choice.

Gree Acs are widely used world wide and in Ghana , Goodluck Africa Ltd is one of the leading distributors for the AC. Goodluck Africa has many types of Gree ACs in stock. Gree R410 Gas ACs in 1.5 Hp, 2.0 Hp, 2.5 Hp and inverter ACs 1.5 hp, 2.0 Hp, 2.5 Hp with R32 Gas .

We also have Gree standing inverter ACs in stock. Gree 2.5 Hp inverter standing ACs and Gree 5.0 Hp inverter ACs.

We deliver Gree ACs nationwide. We delver to all the regional capitals on Ghana, From Accra to the north. We are Gree AC authorized distributors in Ghana.