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Buy Crompton ceiling fans online in Ghana

Enjoy an all-new cooling experience with Crompton’s super-efficient premium ceiling fans. These highly functional yet stylish fans instantly provide a cool breeze to any part of the room in a matter of minutes. Staying cool and comfortable has now become more convenient than ever with high-quality ceiling fans offered by Crompton!

Different types of ceiling fans

Crompton ceiling fans offers a plethora of options when it comes to our ceiling fan range. From energy-efficient fans equipped with the revolutionary ActivBLDC technology that reduces up to 50% of your overall electricity consumption. Crompton fancy and designer fans which are available in a wide variety of colours, smooth electroplated finish and gorgeous under lights, Crompton has it all!

We believe that our products should provide the user with a seamless blend of technology and design which satisfies their needs. With most homes overlooking dusty and noisy streets, Crompton fans like Enso and Aura come equipped with the unique SilentPro and Anti-dust technology respectively to help you unwind peacefully from the comfort of your home. Crompton’s new range of ceiling fans is here to provide you with some much-needed relief!

Along with basic fans, there also are some specialized ceiling fans that promise to deliver superior results with a touch of innovation. Crompton’s Duratech fans comprise of premium components which are designed to deliver superlative performance. With One year warranty these fans are bound to last for years to come. At the same time, the Air 360 range of ceiling fans provides unparalleled air delivery even on the hottest of days when compared to its alternatives!

Crompton high-speed ceiling fans with control lights

Ceiling fans play an important role in increasing the charm quotient and aesthetic setup of your home. With the introduction of underlight ceiling fans, Crompton provides you with just the right amount of elegance in your home. These fans come with magnificent carvings and pull chords for light control which lends your home a luxurious and royal finish.

Get control of your ceiling fan with remote

Crompton promises to bring convenience to you at the click of a button with the introduction of ceiling fans with remotes. The fan comes with a smart remote control which uses radio frequency technology to operate. This means you do not have to specifically point at the fan, just point anywhere and experience the smart functionality of the Point Anywhere Smart Remote. It also has a smart timer and intelligent memory function which allows you to customize your cooling experience!

Shop super-premium stylish ceiling fans online in Ghana

From energy-efficient to designer ceiling fans, Crompton’s wide range of powerful ceiling fans has something to offer for every budget. Crompton provides you with the option to choose from an exciting range of high speed, energy-efficient, High air delivery, decorative and more at an affordable price.

We have ceiling Crompton ceiling fans from Ghc150 to Ghc750 based on the size , speed and design.