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Exhaust fans,  Extractor fans,  ventilator fans, smoke extractor fan, Heat extractor fans, Kitchen exhaust fan, Toilet exhaust or extractor fans is used to extract heat or smoke or bad smell from room or kitchen. Extractor works by fan fitted with blades and works by removing the air.

Extract fans are used in both house or commercial kitchen to extract the heat , food scent or smoke from the room.  Exhaust fans are also used in  bath rooms and toilets to remove the scent.

We have in stock light duty and heavy duty exhaust or extractor fans. We are also authorized dealers for Usha, Crompton and Akai exhaust and extractor fans.

We have heat resistant extract fans made with coated metal to be used in kitchens and Ware houses and factories.

Goodluck Africa Ltd is a house of quality exhaust extractor and smoke extraction fans.  Buy Exhaust or Extractor or Smoke extractor fans from and get it delivered to your home step.