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Ariston water heater for sale in Ghana

Ariston water heater are the best water heaters in the world.

Ariston is the global specialist in water heating and heating products. It provides people all over the world with solutions for their comfort based on:

  • Advanced Performance
  • Everlasting Quality
  • Italian Design

Ariston water heater for sale in Ghana

Thanks to the use of the best technologies and certified efficiency, customers save on maintenance and component replacement costs, as well as enjoying considerable savings on their electricity bills.

Ariston belongs to Ariston Group, a world leader in thermal comfort. Click here to visit Ariston Group’s website and find out more about the Group.

We have in stock various types of Ariston water heaters. As you may be aware Ariston water heaters are designed in Italy. Most of them are also made in Italy but some are made in Chine but with the strict quality policy of Ariston.

We have in stock the following Ariston water heaters.

Ariston Portable water heaters in 10 Ltr, 15 Ltr, 30 Ltr.

Large Ariston drum type water hater in 50 litr, 80 liter and 100 Liters.

Commercial and domestic Arison solar water heater in 200 and 300 Liters. Ariston solar water heaters also Hybrid which means they can work with Solar and electricity.

Buy Original original Ariston water heaters from us and enjoy comfort in all levels.