Ultra Violet Light Fake Currency Detector

  • Ultra Violet Light Fake Currency Detector-28%

    Portable Desktop Counterfeit Currency Detector, Ultra Violet Light Fake Currency Detector

    Portable Desktop Counterfeit Currency Detector,  Ultra Violet Light Fake Currency Detector

    Protect Our Property: Can be used to identify counterfeit money, prevent us from being deceived so as to reduce our property losses.


    Range of Application: Can be used to identify Cedis, USD, EURO, POUND and all paper money of worldwide, can be widely used in shops, grocery stores, restaurants, hotel and street peddler, etc.

    How It Works: With a UV light recognition system, let the UV light shine in the paper money, a clear and complete watermark appears on the authentic banknote, counterfeit money does not; With white light, it can be used as a flashlight.


    Portable: Super light, with a wrist lanyard, mini size and replaceable batteries design, the locations usedare not restricted by the power source, very convenient to carry and use.


    Easy to Operate: With only one switch button, control three states, when the button is in the neutral position with a white dot, the money detector is closed, push the switch to TORCH, UV light is

    turned on, push the switch to TUBE, long tube white light is turned on, so easy.

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